Princess Peach for mugen!!

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The Crow aka Colosse:
Princess Peach has just been released by EugèneQ for mugen!!
it's still a beta yet, but it's great, a few in MVCstyle with mushroom as helper lol
The link:


WoW ! She is cool !
She have nice combos.
she has pretty good A.I !!
Anyway, thanks for posting !!
I will download her.

Mitsunari Ishida:
there has always been a princess peach...daisy...w/e for mugen just that there hasnt been one that is mvc with that been said good find colosse im sure she plays very well....normally id DL any new character that seems like a worthy add to a roster but i prefer her SMBB version to  anything actually lol

but im still iffy on if id DL her or not

and considering shes a beta im sure theres some things needed to complete but not much from the screenies shown on the link

actually  i dont like this type of chars, but, shes funny to use for some minutes..considering this is a beta, is still better than some other char in mugen

i really love her sprites and the mvc style is a nice touch.
great job!


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