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: Why Mugen Lair is Different
: supermystery January 22, 2009, 09:01:28 PM
This forum is not the same as other forums like Mugen Fighters Guild, Mugen Infantry or even The Infinity Mugen Team.

Different Community:

Your less likely to see the same old regulars that appear at the other forums (actively posting anyway), plus having different sort of people as admin/staff makes it even better.

Special Ranks actually means something

You are more likely to see additional boards as you go up the ranks, most forums (excluding infinity miss this out), and possibly more stuff may get added soon.

Cheese/Cheap/Broken characters are more supported:

You are less likely going to be trolled if you release a cheap character, it doesn't matter if its a SSJ12 Goku with 1 hit KO blasts or just a basic SF2 Ryu (though its always recommended to state the intention of the release) so feel free to release characters like these here ;)


Balanced character like most near-accurate CVS2/MVC/SF2/KOF characters

Semi Cheap: Level 1

Like Kong's characters (MVC2 and others) Evil Ken and Ryu, Broli (The Necromancer's)

More Cheaper: Level 2

Like Nightmare SSJ3, Master Geese, a lot  DBZ of UB22 characters that were done a while back,SSJ5+Gokus and other fan made fighters

most consist of stuff that the semi cheap characters have but include 1 hit kills

Very Cheap: Level 3

Psycho Shredder, Pacifier, F1, Omega tom hanks, Legend Gogetas and beyond.

Be sure to also check out the rules too:,3.0.html

And enjoy your stay at Mugen Lair.

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